Our Commitment to You

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AvMed is turning over a new leaf. We’re excited to introduce AvMed EMBRACE, a new bimonthly and environmentally friendly digital publication for AvMed Members. The full magazine will be accessible online and still be mailed upon request, but this will save money and a lot of trees. We think you’ll find this change TREE-mendous!

As a result of this transition, you can expect a new AvMed EMBRACE in your inbox in May and June. After June, EMBRACE will be published online every other month.

The format of the magazine may have changed, but the content has not. Each issue of EMBRACE continues to focus on AvMed’s programs, services and tools, which are all designed to help you live a WELLfluent™ life.

This debut issue is full of great stories, including a spotlight on our AvMed Member Portal. Registering for a user account opens up important information to Members: Through the website, you can review all of your claims, enjoy money-saving incentives, and find various resources that can help you embrace better health.

Another big story deals with alcohol and drug abuse. If you or a loved one is affected by drug or alcohol addiction, there are many resources available. We’ve put together a list of them, so all that information is in one place. Other articles in this edition of EMBRACE take a closer look at immunization schedules as well as healthy snacks for kids.

I hope you enjoy our first digital EMBRACE and would love to hear your feedback. Please email us at EMBRACE@AvMed.org with your comments on this debut issue. As always, thank you for being a valued AvMed Member.

How are you joining the WELLfluent™? Send us your story and photo at EMBRACE@AvMed.org or share it on Facebook – tag AvMed and use the hashtag #JoinTheWELLfluent. 


EMBRACE | March 2018